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Rotary Kitz Charity

Corporate Awards

End of 2013 the Rotary Club in Kitzbühel asked to think about a charity project using some of the old stone bricks of Kitzbühel's old towns road. As the old town has a famous history, royal families, world renowned politicians, actors, artists as well athletes walking over, it was a given inspiration to create a unique sculpture.

Therefor 25 sculptures have been created - a seamless combination of a slice of lens quality optical crystal and a vulcanic stone (Quartzporhyroide). The symbol was engraved on the back side of the crystal and mirrorized with 18 carat gold.

Meanwhile the project is sold out and the Rotary Club Kitzbühel uses all the project income (100%) to support local people who really are in the situation to need help!

I am proud of the outcome and happy being able to support with my creativity and works of art.

150x150x150 mm