Stone & Crystal Sculpture

Walking Elephants


Inspired by a scenery shown on a photo taken by my close friend Mike Miller during an outstanding hunting trip in Botswana I started to create the unique sculpture "Walking Elephants". My aim - keep the proportions by focusing on a high grade of contemporary interpretation.

The elephants body is shaped out of a striped alpine granite (Austrian Alps/ ~ 220 million years old). The trunk of the male bull is carved out of a grey crystal trunk, the female's out of a dark-rose crystal and the baby's out of dark-blue crystal. The front part is a combination of the colors mentioned above, finest lens quality optical as well as gold and orange colored crystal - a symphony of finest materials seamlessly combined with each other.

Beside the wonderful realization there is another possibility I appreciate very much about this sculpture - you may create your own scenery - let them stick together head to head like in a herd, walk in line or separate.


As all Schluifer works of modern crystal art, this sculpture is one of a kind and signed by the artist with F. Schluifer.

Modern Crystal Art Studio Florian Schluifer
L ~8-12 inch // ~ 20-30 cm
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